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  1. Thermo-Set Primed MDO
    Thermo-Set Primed MDO features a proprietary acrylic applied to Douglas Fir/Hemlock plywood. “Swan Peel”™ Technology provides a smoother surface with less grain, and an improved glue and overlay bond. Reduced thickness variance results in a more balanced, dimensionally stable sign board. Thermo-Set Primed MDO is not a finished product, and will require at least two topcoats and two edge coats prior to exterior exposure. More Info
    As low as $86.44
  2. WhiteWood™
    • Smooth vinyl face laminated to exterior grade substrate
    • Sign paints, inks and vinyl graphics can be applied for greater design flexibility
    • Vinyl graphics can easily be changed with minimal or no ghosting
    More Info
    As low as $223.47
  3. Signready Painted MDO
    Signready Painted MDO is a prefinished, high gloss MDO plywood with a 5-year limited warranty. It is an excellent surface or wide layout digital printers, vinyl lettering and sign paints. Designed to have a superior scratch and chip resistance and exceptional weatherability, Signready Painted MDO is a durable solution for longer duration signage applications. More Info
    As low as $243.00
  4. Primed/Painted MDO [West Coast Only]

    Note: Only stocked in the West

    [LAS, OC, PHX, SAC, SD, SEA, SLC, & SFO]

    More Info
    As low as $140.31
  5. NuAlum™
    NuAlum is a rigid and durable substrate constructed with a factory laminated overlay on exterior grade plywood. The high-quality, baked enamel coating is a wax-free polyester and is ready for immediate use - no prep time needed! These panels have a flat smooth surface that accept digital ink, most paints, and vinyl. More Info
    As low as $298.46

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