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Richeson ‘Racine’ Style Lyptus Wood Table Top Studio Easel.

Sets up on any table, desk, or other flat surface so you can get to work. This portable, sturdy and versatile easel holds canvas up to 24" high and weighs 5 lb. Carry the lightweight easel with you from class to class or take it outdoors for a day of plein air painting. It's also great for in-store or conference displays. The table top easel extends to 30½" high and its base measures 12½" × 13¾".
This table top Easel is exactly the same as the ‘Racine’ model by Richeson (made at the same factory without the “Richeson” name). It’s made of Lyptus wood, a sustainable, premium-grade Eucalyptus hardwood grown on eco-friendly plantations in South America. Lyptus wood matures in 14–16 years (other hardwoods take up to 60 years). Lyptus trees sprout from the stump of previously harvested trees, so the forest is always renewing itself! The wood is harder than oak, enabling easels made of Lyptus to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use.
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What is Eco-Friendly Eco-*Lyptus Wood?

*Lyptus is harder than even Oak, which has traditionally been the preferred wood for fine easels.
• *Lyptus can be grown at 30 times the wood volume per acre of other hardwoods.
•*Lyptus grows very straight and can be harvested in 15 years,versus up to 60 years for other hardwoods.
• Lyptus trees sprout from the stump of previously harvested trees the forest is always renewing and replanting is not necessary.
• Artists are very conscious of the environment and
environmentally thoughtful products sell at increased levels.
We are becoming more aware of challenges of global warming and
harvesting our forests are having on our climate. Lyptus is a eucalyptus hybrid that is like mahogany, but is the ultimate environmentally friendly wood.