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This portable and versatile easel has two plastic wheels for easy mobility. It can be positioned in horizontal, vertical and past vertical positions. Maximum Canvas Height: 72" Base Width/Depth: 19" x 21 1/2" Horizontal Table Height: 34" Extended Easel Height: 84" Compact Easel Height: 45" Made with Eco Lyptus wood

Now many made with ECO-Lyptus Wood!.

The perfect easel for the cost-conscious artist.
Many Lyptus easels are of BEST design but are a factory made, assembly-required version to save costs.
Lyptus easels offer a true coming together of practical affordability.
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What is Eco-Friendly Eco-*Lyptus Wood?

*Lyptus is harder than even Oak, which has traditionally been the preferred wood for fine easels.
• *Lyptus can be grown at 30 times the wood volume per acre of other hardwoods.
•*Lyptus grows very straight and can be harvested in 15 years,versus up to 60 years for other hardwoods.
• Lyptus trees sprout from the stump of previously harvested trees the forest is always renewing and replanting is not necessary.
• Artists are very conscious of the environment and
environmentally thoughtful products sell at increased levels.
We are becoming more aware of challenges of global warming and
harvesting our forests are having on our climate. Lyptus is a eucalyptus hybrid that is like mahogany, but is the ultimate environmentally friendly wood.