Screen Grade High Impact Polystyrene

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Gilman Bros.

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Description:Polystyene is one of the mosy widely used plastics. It is a rigid sheet of plastic which comes in various thicknesses. In the thinner widths it becomes flexible and can be rolled.

It is durable, low moisture resistance, has good impact strength.


Uses: Polystyrene is an economcal and highly effective product for ,semi-permanent, temporary or disposable use .

Polystyrene is easy to fabricate, print on, paint on, and glue. Polystyrene has very good ink adhesion making it the perfect choice for printing signage.


It is used for

¥Flatbed Printing
¥Screen Printing
¥Indoor Signage
¥Point of Sale Signage
¥Die Cuts.

48 X 96 X 020 - 10 Sheets


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