Jetmount Board

<p>JetMount® is medium-duty foam board. This foam board uses standard clay coated liners, but the extruded foam is enhanced for hardness and rigidity. In addition, JetMount® foam board is a full 1/4" thick. JetMount® foam board was developed to satisfy the demand for an economical rigid sheet for mounting ink jet media. JetMount® foam board also has excellent screen printing properties. Available with heat-activated or pressure sensitive surface for mounting.</p>
<p>JetMount® is comprised of denser extruded polystyrene foam with clay-coated paper facers. Made In USA.</p>

<p>The denser core provides increased rigidity and warp resistance</p>
<p>Great for more demanding mounting jobs for display, signage and framing</p>
<p>Flammability Characteristics: Combustible<./p>